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This is a great and funny game!
Some of the endings are HILARIOUS, like the one in which you kill the judge by jumping on him.
Keep it up!
In the jail room, the toilet was bigger than THE PERSON. What kind of sick, twisted jail is that!?
Oh, and by the way, it took me 53 times ( And Counting ) To get to the girlfriend's house without murdering a crab. The last one keeps getting me!
That's all. good job.

molkman responds:

For the last one, don't try to jump over it, but rather let yourself slip into the pit when it's not there. It won't hurt you and it won't get killed if you walk past it.

This is a great game. The music works perfectly with the game, and the pixel graphics gave it an unusual simplicity. The disabilities all seem to be unique, and to me, that's what made your game so special and unique. The "wizards" look like wizards from the underworld, and that's SUPER COOL,
but the game is exceptionally hard, which is blindingly obvious. The theme "you only get one" works well, and also the character's cool.
Here's a brief summary of the disabilities and their difficulty.
-What do the ratings mean-
0 out of 5- Easy 1 out of 5- Normal 2 out of 5- Challenging 3 out of 5- Hard 4 out of 5- RAGINGLY HARD
5 out of 5- Impossible 6 out of 5- WTF DUDE THIS IS WAY TOO HARD

1 out of 5- Normal
This character is slow, yet the things the player has to do is simple, thus making this a great disability to start with.
It is kind of sad though.

3 out of 5- Hard
This character seems to be dyslexic.
He's much faster ( About 3x ) than the crippled person, but the new map is REALLY HARD.

-Almost Blind-
4 out of 5- RAGINGLY HARD
He's practically the same thing as illiterate, but can read and makes it very hard to understand it's surroundings.

5 out of 5- Impossible
This "Spastic" character is very unique, but it can REALLY make players rage.
This disability is NOT for the normal gamer, because this character will anger you, and that is because
this character jumps and goes to the left and the right randomly.

Kcori, "ludum dare 28" should be proud you participated.
This is really good, though, so keep going!


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